Lo que Escuchan los Satélites

by Futurología

Va-Op3 08:16
MT10 08:22
Blue Beam 06:19
120905 03:42
Dwight York 13:34
MT16 09:57


suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to release Futurología – ‘Lo que Escuchan los Satélites‘!

Jaan tells me this came to us at suRRism-Phonoethics as a ‘secret submission’, from unknown other(s) in Mexico. Having little to go on is an inviting starting point. Wordy parts of this great submission hint at astronomical concerns, things rarefied, elusive. Such metaphors hold, as, materially, the listener is confronted with layered washes of disembodied field recording, alienated freeform synth and intimately-recorded objects and acoustic instruments of ambiguous origin. Lo-fi arpeggios are confounded by their own feedback; with such cancelations and fizzles-out often melting into delicate, understated rhythms, invoking an overall appearance of group improvisation enacted live. I suspect a single artist, though. Palimpsest meets travelogue, but with an ever-present otherness. Throughout, there remains the mystery of who made this material.
Happily for us, she, he, it or they could be anyone. -Anthony Donovan

“Looking at venus

not yet, but we belong to broken bones

i’m down by the sand cluttered smiles of frowns

do we depend in rage of mothers pain of love

i die in front of your bed drying my tears of yielded grand wizards bowels

can the hut be ours

i crave sentimental through the architecture of noise spilling the touch of miss poroese

she encountered my flavor as centrifugal orientation matters of ooze changing times in between thy arms

ma fleur -(simply part of my heart)

did we –

there’s a brick, will I ever attach to the head

think as little pink places coaled water perils brush stellar constellations

dwelling the touch of skins being of no fooling as only them become realm bypassing the second part” -undRess Béton


released September 14, 2013




suRRism-Phonoethics Offenbach, Germany

suRRism-Phonoethics is a n0tlabel peaking the source since 2008 founded & run by Jaan Patterson.

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