1. If I Appear As A God, You Will Be No More Than I

  2. Doctor, what has Cesuacantho to do with this?
    Jaan Patterson

  3. The Singles

  4. Puereé Arroganz

  5. Anno Domini

  6. Kali Yuga Has Come
    The Carbon Manual

  7. Tod auf Kredit (1983)
    Tod auf Kredit

  8. Horae (Organ Concerto no.2)
    Vladimír Hirsch

  9. Mal Occhio
    Mal Occhio

  10. An Appreciation
    The Ancient Music of Greece

  11. En la vuelta de la voz - Artistas Varios
    Bennett / Bravo / Mehrl / Olivera / Taveira / Italiano

  12. Fragments
    Jurica Jelić

  13. Dead Chamber
    Joseph Szymkowiak

  14. Voice Studies
    AG Davis

  15. Sad Songs
    Fake Cats Project

  16. Kråch
    Josef Nadek

  17. Nudo de Cables en la Garganta
    Alas de Mosca

  18. Ergo Protagonists
    Jaan Patterson

  19. A Sound Embrace: A Tribute to the Passing Of Christopher Lee & Ornette Coleman

  20. The Beauty of Blasphemy
    METEK and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

  21. Mad Masks
    Mad Masks

  22. AG Davis & The Boy + Girl

  23. The House That Freud Built
    S.Bobrytskyy, M.Paramzin

  24. A heap of broken images
    Der Zirkus brennt

  25. teleg. ep

  26. Big Mistake
    Juan Antonio Nieto

  27. Music For Shadows
    Jaan Patterson

  28. Cardboard Rebellion
    Third Mind Movement

  29. Certain Vapors Cascade (Swamp Floor Mystery Wizards)
    {AN} EeL

  30. Black Transmitter

  31. Zitherphonics
    Martin Rach

  32. A Murder Of Ravens

  33. Headless Poets & The Album That Composed Itself
    AG Davis & Jaan Patterson

  34. …Serpeggiava Un Freddo Viscido Di Ombra Perenne
    Chris Silver T and Mauro Sambo

  35. Poisoned Grounds
    Zreen Toyz

  36. Dabblings 4

  37. The Nylon Fillings

  38. Costume For Breeding
    AG Davis

  39. Crystallization of the Quantum Availability
    Jaan Patterson

  40. Never Again
    Tómur Trio

  41. The Howling Rectangles
    Phonic Psychomimesis

  42. Deep Love At First Sight
    Matthias Boss and Chris Silver T

  43. BullDozer
    Edu Comelles & Javier Piñango

  44. Your Broken Neck is an Underworked Superlative
    Anthony Donovan

  45. Textures and Digressions

  46. Dabblings 3

  47. Pus Ch'en
    Ak'chamel, The Giver of Illness

  48. Helen Mirren [prologue]
    Jamison Williams

  49. Cutters
    Mary Shelley & The Implicit Order

  50. Lo que Escuchan los Satélites

  51. Plastic Mind
    Sound Spread

  52. Mother Brain
    Lomz & Lezet

  53. Burning Bridge
    METEK & Josef Nadek

  54. Animal Salad

  55. TimeFlux

  56. Refraction Of Light
    Carlos Ramirez

  57. Folkoholic
    The Side Effect


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suRRism-Phonoethics is a n0tlabel peaking the source since 2008 founded & run by Jaan Patterson.

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